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I play music because it is how I best express myself. I go out and play music because I truly enjoy the experience of sharing music with other people and I love how it evokes memories and feelings in all of us. And…It is fun! Songwriting for me has always been a lesson about what is going on in my life and how I am experiencing the world around me.   more...



I can be found performing music solo with my guitars around Vermont. I play and sing a mainly acoustic blend of folk, blues, and country style music. You can see my most recent song list by clicking the Song List link


I also quite often perform with a duet partner, Keith Williams (PapaGreyBeard) We book as Stefani & Keith. You can view the Stefani & Keith web site here and Papa Greybeard's web site here.
I am part of a small band called Spider Roulette that has been playing around Vermont since the late '80s. Currently it includes Carrie Cook on upright bass & kazoo; Michael Kirick on harmonica, flute & washboard, Keith Williams on guitar & harmonica and myself on vocals and guitar. In addition we often have other musicians sit in with us. You can visit the Spider Roulette site here.


What You've Heard (released in 2015) is an 8 song CD, and the first serious recording I have done. Six songs are originals and two are covers. You can listen to clips from it on the MUSIC page. What You've HeardYou can also see a review by Dan Bolles from Seven Days through the NEWS & COMMENTS link. Colin McCaffrey has been the mastermind recording genius behind the songs from the CD. Colin put down almost all instrumentals and some of the vocal harmonies. We worked on these songs throughout 2014 and 2015. You can purchase the album or MP3s of any of the songs on my Music Page.

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